{survey} R Documentation Subset of survey ===== Description ===== Restrict a survey design to a subpopulation, keeping the original design information about number of clusters, strata. If the design has no post-stratification or calibration data the subset will use proportionately less memory. ===== Usage ===== ## S3 method for class '': subset(x, subset, ...) ## S3 method for class '': subset(x, subset, ...) ===== Arguments ===== x A survey design object subset An expression specifying the subpopulation ... Arguments not used by this method Value A new survey design object ===== See Also ===== svydesign ===== Examples ===== data(fpc) dfpc<-svydesign(id=~psuid,strat=~stratid,weight=~weight,data=fpc,nest=TRUE) dsub<-subset(dfpc,x>4) summary(dsub) svymean(~x,design=dsub) # ## These should give the same domain estimates and standard errors svyby(~x,~I(x>4),design=dfpc, svymean) summary(svyglm(x~I(x>4)+0,design=dfpc)) # data(api) dclus1<-svydesign(id=~dnum, weights=~pw, data=apiclus1, fpc=~fpc) rclus1<-as.svrepdesign(dclus1) svymean(~enroll, subset(dclus1, sch.wide=="Yes" & comp.imp=="Yes")) svymean(~enroll, subset(rclus1, sch.wide=="Yes" & comp.imp=="Yes"))

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