Chondrocytes Example

Detailed discussion and code are available as vignette:

:packages:cran:chondro-microscope.png Microscope view of the measured area. Measurement grid: 35 x 21 μm, 1 μm step size (black frame). The data set has 875 spectra (869 after deleting 6 outliers).
:packages:cran:chondro-norm.png The spectra after prepocessing (5th, 16th, 50th, 84th, 95th percentile spectra)
:packages:cran:chondro-perc.png After substracting the overall composition, differences start to show up
:packages:cran:fig-dend.pdf.png Dendrogram of hierarchical cluster analysis (colors mark classes as in the following images)
:packages:cran:fig-clustmap.pdf-1.png The cluster map for 3 clusters. The clusters correspond to the matrix (blue), lacunae (orange), and cells (red)
:packages:cran:fig-clustmeans.pdf.png The cluster mean spectra ± 1 standard deviation. The blue cluster shows distinct lipid bands, the green cluster collagen, and the red cluster proteins and nucleic acids.
:packages:cran:fig-dna.pdf.png False colour map of nucleic acid band intensities. The nucleus of the right cell stands out. For the left cell only low concentrations of nucleic acids are found, and they are spread out over two areas.

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