One of the outcomes of the useR! 2006 conference held in Vienna was that JSS, the Journal of Statistical Software, is planning to publish a series of special volumes. They will be guest edited and each volume will have 5-10 issues (articles) of the usual JSS format. One of the volumes is related to the use of the R software in ecology.

Call for Software and Papers (CFP)

Ecology and Ecological Modeling in R -

A special volume of the Journal of Statistical Software

This special volume will focus on applications of R related to:

  • Statistical computation and data analysis in ecology or
  • Theoretical ecology and ecological modeling.

Submissions should include both an article and a software component. The article can take the form of a manual, a users’ guide, or other forms that describe the accompanying software and algorithms. Both the article and the software will be peer-reviewed. The combination of the parts should work as indicated, be clearly documented, and make a significant contribution to the theory and/or practice of ecology or ecological modeling.

Submission information

Send the paper (as a PDF) and the source code (as ASCII, zipped) to one of the guest editors:

  • Thomas Petzoldt ( for papers focusing on theoretical ecology and ecological modeling
  • Thomas Kneib ( for papers focusing on statistical computation and data analysis in ecology

Key dates

Submissions are welcome through Feb. 15, and will be reviewed in approximate order of arrival. Since there is no pre-determined page limit for this volume, we anticipate being able to keep submissions open until the deadline.

  • Deadline for Submission of papers: Feb 15, 2007
  • Deadline for Review feedback: May 15, 2007
  • Deadline Submission of final papers: July 15, 2007
  • Publication in JSS: Fall 2007 (expected)

Organization and Length

We expect that most submissions will include:

  • a section explaining the statistical method implemented by the software
  • a section explaining the code and algorithm
  • a section explaining how to use the software
  • a worked example containing both code and results to demonstrate the essential features of the software

The typical JSS article is fifteen pages (roughly 5000 words), not including source code. There is, however, no page or program size limit.


For submission:

  • The article has to be in PDF form
  • The software to be in ASCII source code form

For publication:

  • LaTeX or Sweave source for the article
  • Any included images as separate PDF files
  • A software license permitting anonymous redistribution (GPL preferred)

To aid review, we encourage, submissions in the form of CRAN-ready R modules, or other standard modular forms.

Information about the Journal of Statistical Software (JSS)

The Journal of Statistical Software is a peer-reviewed journal of the American Statistical Association focusing on the publication of software for statistical computing and computational statistics in any discipline. JSS is indexed in Web of Science, CIS, DOAJ, the BibTex Database, Scopus, and Google Scholar. The journal is published on-line, and replication code is archived with each article.

A World Wide Web site for JSS is found at

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