Case studies

How people and companies moved to R. TODO add stuff here!

“I am a statistics student and were using SPSS but moved to R to gain the extra flexabillity and power. You learn more about how the stats methods work in R.”

“I’m a PhD Student, working on development economics. I used to work on Stata 8 SE, but during the year 2005 I had to perform estimations with large matrices. I also had to use the beta distribution. As it was not possible with Stata, I tried with R and I love it (transparency, graphics, community...). Now, I don’t use Stata anymore.”

“I work as Bioinformatics scientist at the Roskamp Institute, FL. Here we process microarray data and analyze proteomics information. I started using R for doing some routine statistical calculations. It is proving very useful to develop applications based on R”

“I am a professor of Economics and teach Econometrics I and II sequence. I am concerned with the the lack of good numerical accuracy of many commercial software tools. R is known to be more reliable, and so I am moving to R.”

“I’m taking an engineering statistics class with an eye towards graduate school. I want to learn R, and so I’m using that rather than the student version of Minitab we’re asked to buy. R is also cross-platform, and works GREAT on my Mac... unlike Minitab, which doesn’t.”

Summary of a seminar about R in hydrology

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