Google Summer of Code 2010


This wiki page will be the central hub of information about the R Project participation in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for 2010.


Previous projects are listed on the soc08 and soc09 pages.

Status and Timeline

R has been accepted as one of the participating organisation as of March 18, 2010.

As per the GSoC 2010 timeline:

  • the student application period does not start until March 29, and ends April 9;
  • by April 21 all mentors have to be signed up, and scoring/ranking has to be completed and double applicants will then be filtered out;
  • accepted proposals will be announced on April 26.
  • coding commences May 24.

See the GSoC timeline for full details.

Project Ideas

Project ideas can be listed below on per-topic Wiki pages. Please follow the formatting used for the first suggestion.

Projects with mentors

  • suggestion_form Use this to add new proposals by copying the page content
  • gpclib_replacement Replacement for gpclib. (R/GEOS)
  • nosql_interface NoSQL interface for R
  • cran_stats Aggregate CRAN package download statistics across multiple mirrors
  • crantastic2 Enhancements to crantastic to encourage further community building
  • interactive-check Run R CMD check interactively during package development
  • gsoc Extensions to the hyperSpec package for hyperspectral data
  • adinr Automatic Differentiation (AD) in R with ADMB, cppAD or other tools.
  • vrs Virtual R Supercomputer provides an R interface to BOINC, the distributed computing platform.
  • sra Social Relations Analyses in R
  • rbeancounter Port Beancounter to R and extend it
  • syrfr Symbolic Regression capable of discovering the functions which fit input data best using genetic algorithm search
  • rpy2ff Persistent storage-based vectors and arrays used by both R and Python
  • rserve_javascript Javascript client for Rserve using nixysa
  • blogweave implement SWeave driver for blog postings
  • ritk ITK functionality in R

Proposal Suggestions

Submission of unsolicited proposals (via, say, the mailing list mentioned in the next paragraph) is certainly welcome. However, each proposal has a big barrier to pass: it will to need explain why this particular project is of use to the community, and it will have to show how it can be achieved in three months. At a minimum, a submission should also include a review of related packages that address the same or similar problems and discuss how these packages are not sufficient to the task.

Discussion List

A Google groups mailing list has been created for mentors and prospective students. Please subscribe so that you can post to for any discussions pertaining to R and the GSoC 2010.

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